Our Goal:


STAND is shaping the next generation of engaged changemakers by getting youth across the country engaged in and excited about political activism.




Our Mission

In an American era labelled "more politically polarized than ever before", as youth, we're always required to have an opinion, but scarcely given opportunities to actually share it.

That's why we founded STAND, or Students Taking Action for a New Democracy (but we know "STAND" is a lot easier). Run out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we put together campaigns encouraging kids nationwide to get off of their couches and into their capitals.

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Our Campaigns

Campaigns are how we operate here at STAND. So what exactly is a campaign? Campaigns are widespread, collaborative civic actions organized by our team to mobilize youth across the country to take a stand for the issues that are important to you. Some are competitions, others are individual -- either way, they are designed to bring diverse young voices together to amplify change.

For more details, take a look at STAND's two pilot campaigns below.


Suit Up

STAND's very first campaign equips youth leaders with the resources they need to organize Lobby Days for fellow students at their schools. After all, there is no better way for youth to create change than to round up their friends and take their advocacy right to the place where it all happens -- capitol hill.

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Revelations is a competition that harnesses the power of youth to use art to make a difference. This campaign calls upon students to create a visual work centered around an issue that impacts them, and then to send that piece to a civic influencer of their choosing. Each artwork will be entered for a chance at publication.

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We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt