Welcome to our campaigns!

Campaigns are how we operate here at STAND. So what exactly is a campaign? Campaigns are widespread, collaborative civic actions organized by our team to mobilize youth across the country to take a stand for the issues that are important to you. Some are competitions, others are individual -- either way, they are designed to bring diverse young voices together to amplify change.

Our currently active campaigns can be found below. For more information, feel free to reach out!


Suit Up catalyzes student-led Lobby Days in schools across the country. Get together a group of your peers, identify political issues of interest, and take off for capitol hill! Learn more.

Suit Up


Revelations is a national high-school art competition that seeks to engage youth with the pressing political issues of our era. We want students everywhere to harness the power of art to take a stand. Learn more.



We’re constantly seeking new ideas for campaigns, especially from students themselves. Got an idea for us?

Let us know!