Harness the power of art to spur civic change in your community! Be creative and make a difference!

What is Revelations?

Revelations is a national high-school art competition that seeks to get youth involved with the pressing civic issues of today. Even in an increasingly political era, youth seldom have true opportunities to express their voices on the issues they care about. That’s where our competition comes in! Revelations in spurring youth across the country to harness the power of art to take a stand.

How do I enter?

Step 1

First, create a piece of art surrounding a political issue of interest. STAND will accept all mediums of visual art (painting, drawing, digital, etc.).

Then, share your work with the Revelations team by shooting us an email at

standyouthteam <at> gmail <dot> com

with the subject marked as “Revelations Entry, (Your Name)”. You can attach the piece in any applicable form (e.g. JPEG image of your painting, PDF of your digital piece). Additionally, be sure to send us a quick paragraph — no more than 100 words — introducing your piece and describing the civic issue you sought to tackle.

Step 2

When our team has confirmed receipt of your piece, it’s time for step two. The crux of the Revelations competition is that you will then send your piece to a political influencer of your choosing!

We’ve put together a quick email template to help you formulate your message. You can access that here. However, at the end of the day, it’s far more important that you let your passion shine through than to stick to the textbook.

In researching suitable candidates with whom you may want to share your piece, we have two key tips.

  1. Remember that bigger is not always better. Your first instinct may be to share your piece with your state’s Governor or one of your Senators, but your work may be just as if not more impactful shared with a local representative or school board member.

  2. Think outside the box. It’s natural that you may initially gravitate towards political figures with a strong history of actions and shared platform on your issue of choice. However, you may be able to make the most difference by sharing your work with someone who has been silent on the issue, or even has a voting record that may not align with your own beliefs.

The STAND team is always ready and eager to help you identify political figures with whom you may want to share your work. If you’re looking for some tips, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

STAND will confirm your entry when both steps one and two have been completed, and then you’re done! We can’t wait to see all of the incredible work you’ll create!


Revelations won’t be possible if you can’t help us connect with a network of inspired young artists from across the country. If you’re willing to lend us a hand, we have two downloadable fliers for distributions at schools, libraries, and anywhere else you may think of!

When can I enter?

The Revelations team will be accepting entries (that have completed both steps one and two) up until May 1, 2019.

However, that will be a stringent deadline, so be sure to get in your pieces on time.

What can I win?

In addition to super cool bragging rights, the winner of the ‘18-’19 Revelations art competition will receive …

  1. Front-page feature on STAND-compiled magazine of all entries

  2. Publicity in local Pittsburgh news (where STAND is headquartered)

  3. Press releases crafted by our media team to share your accomplishment with your local media

  4. Honors award that will look great on a college application

Additionally, STAND will be honoring our Honorable Mentions with press releases and awards.